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Monday Blues… May 4, 2009

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This morning I got up to work for 8am but had nothing to do I didn’t get any assignments until 10. I hate days like this.

Breakfast was my usual one egg and two egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and 2% american cheese.


A little while later I was chilled so I brewed some coffee. With a combo of skim and almond milk and 4 drops of stevia. I really like the stevia, knowing that its natural and I don’t find it has an after taste.

For morning snack I had some carrot banana bread that I made yesturday. Sadly its almost gone.

Lunch was a salad with red pepper, cucumber, avocado and spinach. I used my current favorite dressing Newman’s Light Lime Vinegrette. Its sooooooo good, just that perfect tart addition to my salad. I also had two morningstar sausage patties.

After work this afternoon, I went for a bike ride. I mapped my route using google maps pedometer and it was 3.4 miles. There’s this one big hill about a half mile before the end and I thought I wasn’t going to make it but I pushed through and made it! I have to keep doing this, I can’t wait until I can easily ride up the hill.

Dinner was baked tofu with a curry rub and a salad just like the one at lunch. I also grilled some zucchini on the grill plan and made a Wild Rice and Barley Salad.



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